Opera Estate Primary School
Student Care Centre
(Contact : 9667 0687 Email : operaestatescc@knowledgepark.com.sg)

Powered by a pool of passionate and experienced educators, our school-based student care centre provides a safe and conducive learning environment for every child to develop good character and acquire life skills for the future.

Our Services and Programmes
We offer a unique holistic development programme to meet the needs of the students in the Student Care Centre. Our programme includes:-

* Meal (Lunch and Tea-Break)
* Nap Time
* Homework Supervision (Study Time)
* Character Development
* Enrichment Programme
* Outdoor Activities
* Holidays Programme

Our Fees Structure (From Jan 2022 onward)

Fee Amount Remarks
Monthly Student Care Fee $260 Before SCFA subsidies if any
Registration Fee $20 One-Time, non refundable
T-Shirt ($10 / Piece) $30 Set of 3 uniforms, additional uniform at $10 each
Deposit $260 Refundable with one month after withdrawal
Full Day Student Care $5 $5 surcharge for full day student care during school holidays and non-school days.
Total Fee Payable $570 Payable upon Registration

REGISTRATION FROM 12-OCT-2021 TO 12-Nov-2021.
This application is only to indicate interest in the Student Care Service. All applications will be reviewed and decided by the school committee. 

Admission Criteria for Student Care

We have only limited places for Primary 1 Classes in 2022, priority of admission will be given to the following students

1) Singaporean students who are receiving or applying for Financial Assistance Scheme.

2) Singaporean students from dual-income-households with no alternative care arrangements.

3) Singaporean students from single-parent-income households with no alternative care arrangements.


You may download the following forms to know more about our Student Care Services.

(1) Cover Letter :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2022/CoverLetterRegistration2022OEPS.pdf
(2) Registration Form :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2022/RegistrationForm(2022)KM.pdf
(3) SCC Brochure :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2022/SCCBrochure2022OEPS.pdf
(4) SCC P1 Open House Slides And Admin Day :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2022/2022P1OpenHouseAdminDay.pdf
(5) SCFA Application Form :-  http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2021/SCFAApplicationForm(v2021).pdf
(Only for those who require Student Care Fee Assistance)


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