In view of the increasing number of locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in Singapore in the past week, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce will be implementing more safe distancing measures as a circuit breaker to limit the local transmission of COVID-19.
The Ministry Of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will require all preschools, MOE Kindergartens and Student Care Centres to suspend their general services from 8 April until 4 May 2020. Parents should keep their children home during this period.
During this period, our Student Care Centre and KCare Centres will remain open to serve a limited group of parents/guardians who are working in essential services and unable to find alternative care arrangements. Priority will be given to the following:
  • Children of healthcare workers
  • Children of low/daily wage workers employed in essential services
For parents/guardians working in essential services and are unable to find alternative care during this period, please register BELOW if you need services.  Your request is subjected to approval from schools, we will notify you of outcome.
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Knowledge Park Student Care Centre

Knowledge Park Student Care

Knowledge Park started in 1991 as a tuition centre. Our first Student Care Centre was started in 2003. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing quality educational services to thousands of students. With our pool of passionate and experienced educators, we help students to improve in their academic achievements and provide holistic care for them.

Our Vision
To be the leading student care provider and we promise to provide a safe, caring, positive and stimulated learning environment.


o Strive to recognise and cultivate each talent to his or her fullest potential.
o Provide a place where each child is at the heart of the learning experience.
o Engage compassionate educators who have the passion and love for children.
o Cultivate positive values.
o Use technology to bring about innovative ways of learning.


To regard the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

To have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

To fulfill the task that you are required or expected to do.

To have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

To be sure of your abilities, value and esteem.

To control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses.

To achieve something because of one's own enthusiasm or interest, without needing pressure from others.

To understand and share the feelings of another.