Keming Primary School (Student Care Centre)
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Powered by a pool of passionate and experienced educators, our school-based student care centre provides a safe and conducive learning environment for every child to develop good character and acquire life skills for the future.

Our Services and Programmes
We offer a unique holistic development programme to meet the needs of the students in the Student Care Centre. Our programme includes:-
* Meal (Lunch and Tea-Break)
* Nap Time
* Homework Supervision (Study Time)
* Character Development
* Enrichment Programme
* Outdoor Activities
* Holidays Programme


For Successful Application
(This section is for those applications to student care centre have been successful)

Please complete the Registration Process by uploading the following documents required before 14th November 2020.

* 1 recent passport size photograph of the child (taken in the last 3 months)
* Copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate
* Doctor’s letter of medical condition(s), if any

(Rename the name of document to the name of your child for easy identification)

You need to login to your Google or Gmail Account to upload the document. If you do not have Google / Gmail account, you may email the document to

Click on the link below to upload the documents :-


For New Application

You may download the following forms to know more about our Student Care Services.

(1) Cover Letter :-
(2) Registration Form :-
(3) SCFA Application Form :-
(Only for those who require Student Care Fee Assistance)

Admission Criteria for Student Care

We have only limited places for Primary 1 Classes in 2021,  priority of admission will be given to the following students.

• Students with siblings who are currently in the student care centre.

Students who are Singaporean and qualified for Financial Assistance Scheme (Gross income < S$2,750 or <$690 per capita Income).

• Students who are Singaporean with both working parents and no access to alternative childcare arrangements.

• Students who are Singaporean with both working parents and has alternative childcare arrangements.

• The remaining vacancies will be opened to all students from Keming Primary School.

All applications will be reviewed and decided by the school committee. Outcome of the application will be notified by email approximately 3 weeks after submission.