Punggol Cove Primary School
Student Care Centre

2020 Student Care Registration

The registration will start on 2nd August 2019  to 30th September 2019 (both dates inclusive). For immediate registration, we offer the following options:

Option 1 :- Online Registration

Option 2 :- Email registration: please submit the completed registration form and email to punggolcovescc@knowledgepark.com.sg

Option 3 :- Alternatively, you may also submit your registration form and full set of documents at the Drop-In Box at the Knowledge Park Student Care Centre in the School.

For more information, please contact us at 6816 2659/ 9667 0637.

Admission Criteria

Due to the limited capacity of the School-based SCC, priority of admission will be given to:
1) Students who are Singaporean and qualified for Financial Assistance Scheme (Gross income < S$2,750 or <$690 per capita Income).

2) Students who are Singaporean with both full-time working parents and no access to alternative childcare arrangements.

3) The remaining vacancies will be opened to all students from Punggol Cove Primary School.


Eligibility for Student Care Comcare Subsidies

– Both you and your spouse are working
– Your total gross monthly family income is $4,000 or less each month, or your monthly household per capita income is $1,000 or less
– Your child is between 7 – 14 years of age
– Your child attends a registered Student Care Centre
– Your child is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (at least one immediate family member in the same household must be a Singapore Citizen)



Registration form can be obtained here or our centre from Monday to Friday 12.30-1.30pm.

(1) Cover Letter :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2020/PCPSCoverLetterRegistration2020.pdf
(2) Registration Form :-  http://knowledgepark.com.sg/2020/RegistrationFormYear2020PCPS.pdf
(3) SCFA Application Form :- http://knowledgepark.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/SCFAApplicationForm(v2017).pdf
(Only for those who require Student Care Fee Assistance)