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ourcenter-contentWith the challenges of education becoming more and more demanding, students find it difficult to cope on their own with a big number of subjects and a vast curriculum. Children today have more than education to deal with; they have extra curricular activities, sports and other classes to include in their daily life. Most children today do need help with their academic needs and Knowledge Park Tuition Service is a place where your child will get all the help they need. Our motto is to help your child at foundation level, so that with a strong foundation, they can excel at any level.

We have interactive and fun activities to engage children who are at preschool level. We teach them to read, write, speak and count in fun ways so they are ready for Primary 1. Our teachers in this level are all qualified, trained and experienced to handle learning for this level in non-stressful methods. With the use for phonics for reading and speech and drama for speaking, we engage your children as they learn.

For older school aged children, we have a troupe of strong teachers who have been in the education industry for years. They know exactly what to do to ensure that your child comes out a winner after every exam. We cover all subjects from English and Math to Science and Accounts. Our curriculum at Knowledge Park comprises of several core components that are important for smart learning. We start off with a group of dedicated and passionate tutors who deliver commanding tutorials. With these tutorials, they use multimedia such as smart boards and computers to further enhance their teaching skills. This is further followed by enforcement activities such as worksheets, quizzes and internal tests. All these components ensure that the lessons taught are reinforced well enough for your child to excel.

The true winning formula for any teaching institute is the teachers. Our teachers have in them what every true teacher should have – passion and determination to teach well. As teaching is one job where passion is vital, we ensure that all our teachers are selected based on a list of criteria; passion being up on the list. We ensure that all our teachers are qualified in the field they teach in and are experienced. We constantly upgrade ourselves by conducting teacher training programmes where new teaching methods are introduced.

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