thumbsupWhen Myanmarese Ye Thu Ra Soe first came to Singapore in 2009 with his parents, he was failing most of his subjects because he just couldn’t understand English.

Ye Thu, 14, struggled in White Sands Primary school for the first six months. Then, he heard about Knowledge Park tuition centre from a friend. And now, the Secondary 1 Victoria School pupil is scoring As and Bs for most of his subjects.

He scored 248 points for his PSLE exams.

When he first joined the centre, he took up English, mathematics and science. He said: “I was failing my subjects, but the teachers at the centre were very kind and helpful. They would explain to me the concepts very patiently until I understood a particular topic, both in maths and science.” He said that in order to keep things interesting, his teachers would use a variety of methods in class.

“For example, for maths, they would use online maths games to further our understanding in topics such as fractions and percentage. It made it more fun.”

Despite the support from the tuition centre, Ye Thu doesn’t take school for granted.

“Of course, I still pay attention in school. But the teachers at this tuition centre have helped me have a better understanding of all the concepts so I can do better in school.”