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Student Care ServicesHow your child spends his or her time outside the classroom, especially after school and during vacations, has a tremendous impact on their achievements in school.

Children can either spend these hours as empty pockets when they are left idle and to do what they like, or they can fill these hours with enriching activities that not only engage them, but also help build their confidence and motivate them to learn continuously and smartly.

An after school program that has quality, that extends learning beyond the school bell and engages children’s minds to work beyond expectations – this is what you get when you enroll your child at Knowledge Park Student Care Services.

We have been providing after school care to more than a thousand students, all of whom have excelled in both academic and social fields. Together with child psychologists, we have worked out a detail curriculum for your child so that he or she gets the best of study, learn, rest and play.

Our afterschool work includes:

* Nutritious Meals

We stress on healthy and nutritious meals for your children when they are with us. We ensure they get their daily intake of minerals and vitamins.

* Homework supervision and tutorials

Homework time is always supervised at Knowledge Park. We not only ensure that your child gets help if they are facing problems with their homework, they also have access to private tutorials from our pool of tutors who can help them understand a topic in English or Math that they may have problems understanding.

* Enrichment classes

At Knowledge Park, your children are exposed to a myriad of enrichment classes such as creative writing, speech and drama, art & craft, hobby-based projects and educational field trips. All these enrichment classes are conducted by professionals in their fields. They ensure that your children get enough non-academic learning time to stimulate their senses.

* Library

All our students have full access to a fully functional library where they can read and expand their vocabulary and language range. Students are encouraged to read books and write reviews – this achieves two things; students can enjoy books and practice writing!

* Holiday specials

During the school holidays, we expose our students to many non-academic activities where they learn too. We have art & craft, cooking, outdoor activities and indoor games going on where children learn how to interact socially and learn things beyond their school curriculum. Excursions are organized so that students learn about their environment and gain some general knowledge too.

* Young entrepreneurs

During holidays, we also like to teach your children about making money! We regularly organize bazaars, jumble sales and food fairs where children learn about economics, money matters and how businesses work.

With a winning team of professional teachers and care-givers, your children will learn and develop in a safe and friendly environment.

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