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Kive Ng, Karen Ng, Tania Lim, Cass & Jasmine Lin


“A Place Where Lifelong
Learning Begins…”

In the competitive arena of the service industry, what sets one company from another is the unique ability to cater to the specific and individual needs of every customer. In the case of the middle-education sector, the challenge is even more unique: the service provided must cater to the needs of the children and yet satisfy the requirements of their parents. This two-pronged responsibility not only creates an exceptional task but also,in the right hands, an opportunity to distinguish an excellent establishment.
Founded by Mrs Tania Lim in 1991, Knowledge Park was first started in Pasir Ris to deliver quality tuition programme to pupils from ages 6 to 16 within the neighbourhood. It was Mrs Lim’s objective for the centre to provide care and attention to the education and wellbeing of their charges: a place to nurture and enrich the children’s knowledge as well as learning. Overcoming the initial challenges of recruiting competent and experienced educators, coupled with the need to constantly update and maintain the curriculum, keeping their syllabus on par and in line with the current education trends and needs.
With the establishment of the centre, came publicity in the form of media advertising and open houses. However, the most effective form of advertisement came in the form of positive word of mouth from the many satisfied stakeholders: the happy parents of the children benefiting from the centre’s effective programmes. Knowledge Park’s attention to details and its focus on customers’ needs combined with its stringent selection of quality and proficient educators for their centre paid off with their successful expansion to three additional locations in Hougang and Jurong West. Jurong area centres operates as student care centre were set up in 2004, managed by Mr and Mrs Kive Ng while Hougang centre set up in 2009, managed by Ms Jasmine Lin operates as both student care and tuition centre. A testament to their aim at providing to customers’ needs, each centre offers a variant version of their customised service at their respective locations.
Knowledge Park has since progressed from a single location run by 2 persons to its current position as a centre with three locations managed by a staff of over 10 members. However, in the ever changing education landscape, their commitment to their customers and stakeholders remain steadfast. The company has started providing value added service of profile matching for their charges with suitable tutors to further enrich them with one to one tuition services. They are also, now more than ever, focussed on providing innovative ways to augment the education process by ensuring and incorporating fun into every learning experience and thus living up to their vision of embarking children on their lifelong learning journey while creating a conducive learning environment that is their second home.